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“A Company With a Heart”

With a history of providing pet care services since 2002 collectively, we have created a company unlike most others in the pet care industry. Everything we do is entrenched with the idea that safety is our highest priority when we care for a client’s “Special Loving Being”, commonly known as your pet. Never will you hear the term animal from us!

The owner of our company is not the norm in our industry either, because his philosophy is, that if a “Loving Being” can offer unconditional love, how could we not offer unconditional love to them. Our owner started caring for “Loving Beings many years ago just out of love for them and not for the money. One day he made one of the best decisions of his life. He decided that he wanted to create a rewarding business that would allow him an opportunity for enjoyment and pleasure from hard work. Without the help of venture capitalists and hedge fund investors like the big companies with bad reputations, he decided to grow the company organically and treat every pet as his own, hence our slogan was born, “We Treat Them As Our Own”.

The owner’s reputation of being honest, caring and loving is part of our company’s philosophy. Our reputation exceeds itself in pet safety first! It is now time to announce to all types of pet owners, that we hear your concerns about only having people who are really vested in “Love Pet Care” because after all we are “A Company With A Heart”.

When I look into the eyes of an animal
I see a living being

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