Bird Care

It’s not always possible to take a vacation or go to work with your bird, even if you really prefer to travel with your feathered companion in tow. The fact that it can be a challenge to travel with any kind of pet, there has been an influx of small pet sitting businesses that have popped up around the country in recent years. Love Pet Care knows all too well how difficult it can be to explain to people that have no experience, how to care for your bird. We know that your bird is likely to be stressed while you are away, it is our responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen!

Love Pet Care will offer you a meet and greet so that you can assess how comfortable your bird is with us. If your bird seems at ease with a service provider, we will follow all of your instructions and put your mind at ease. In most cases, Love Pet Care will visit your home at least once a day (upon your request) to make sure that your bird is fed, has water, and that his or her cage tray is emptied and cleaned. Please go to for more information.




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