Fish Care

Are you traveling for the holidays or planning to go on a vacation soon or working long hours? What will you do with your pet fish while you’re away? Fortunately, there are several easy options to feed your fish during holiday and vacation periods. One is to find a pet fish sitter.

You should have a professional pet care provider who can tend to your wonderful fish. Many fish will “beg” for more food even when they are well fed and our experienced fish caregivers know the correct amount to give your fish per your instructions.

Another important factor is the physical condition of your fish. Just before leaving on your holiday or vacation, examine them to ensure that none of them appear to be sick. If you notice any abnormalities, consult a fish shop or an aquatic veterinarian before leaving. 

Be sure to provide your Love Pet Care fish sitter with the number of your pet shop. Here is a handy checklist of things to do before you leave.

  • Clean the aquarium a week before you leave.
  • Completely top off the aquarium with water the day before you leave.
  • Check the water temperature to verify it’s in the proper range.
  • Check the filter and make sure it’s running at full capacity.
  • Carefully examine all the fish to ensure they are healthy.

Love Pet Care will relieve any of your concerns or stress while you’re not home because pet safety is a must with our company culture!




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