How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone?

Cats are perceived as being solitary creatures, but anyone who has one knows that’s not entirely true. There are some cats who love to have company at all times! Despite appearing aloof, some of the myths about cats are being shattered.  One of the first to go is the myth of the solitary, independent cat who doesn’t really care whether or not we’re around. Indeed, two recent studies on cat sociality and attachment styles suggest that they are very social and often form strong and complex bonds with their human families. They can get distressed or lonely if left alone for too long.

Also, consider that kittens and older cats need some extra care when you leave them alone.

As a rule of thumb, kittens age 3-6 months generally need three feedings per day, every 4-6 hours or so. In addition, kittens are very curious creatures and may try to climb up the curtains or get into other mischief while you’re away. You could set them up in a kitten-proof room, but it’s also a good idea to have someone you trust check on them during the day.  Some extra playtime and cuddling go a long way in helping to socialize your kitten.

As for older cats, they can be extra-sensitive to changes in routine. Stress can turn to illness in an older kitty. In addition, older cats may need extra feedings or medication during the day. For these reasons, senior cats should not be left alone overnight.

While cats have a litter box for their bathroom needs and food can be left for them, nothing can replace human contact.  Love Pet Care’s experienced cat sitters know that kitties can be finicky and we know how to make them comfortable, happy and we cater to their needs.



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