How To Help Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

If you are like millions of other Americans, you may have spent more time at home since the start of the pandemic. You and your pets were thrilled to spend so much time together.

Now that you are going back out to work or travel, both you and your pet will feel some form of separation anxiety.  This behavior is expected under normal circumstances, but it can be intensified if your pet picks up on your stress.

If your pet has always been secure and friendly, it can upset you to see them acting timid and fearful. The change from you being home all the time, to suddenly being gone possibly 40 hours a week, can affect any pet and you.

While you may be upset with behavior caused by separation anxiety, you  can’t ignore or even reward problem behavior because you feel guilty. Providing your pet with undivided attention when you are home and making the environment as stress-free as possible in your absence, will both go a long way in helping them overcome separation anxiety.

Creating a new routine for pets is crucial, allowing them to adjust to a specified time for walks, playing, feeding and rest. We promise to be there when you need us to help when you resume your daily routine.

No matter how hard it might be, you have to start leaving them alone. You can start with short time increments, increasing depending on your pet’s reaction.  Doing so will make the transition easier rather than abruptly leaving for an extended period.

Hearing music or voices while your pet is home alone can also provide your fur baby with great comfort. You might consider turning the radio or television on low to provide constant background noise. Calm and soothing sounds can help your pet relax.

Excess energy can intensify separation anxiety and boredom. One way to help with this problem is to arrange for Love Pet Care, NYC and LA dog walkers and pet sitters to come to your home. Our professional pet care providers will walk your pups for exercise and potty breaks.  We can play with your cats and take care of their needs.  Love Pet Care also includes fish and birds in their pet care services.

Our pets have been there for us and provided companionship and comfort through a challenging year.  With some adjustments and planning, we want to make the transition for your pets as painless as possible. As our slogan states, “ We Treat Them As Our Own”TM.

Sometimes separation anxiety doesn’t improve or gets worse. If that’s the case at your home, you can schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to get additional feedback and tips.

Dealing with separation anxiety can be upsetting, but it is a sign that your pet really loves you and the time you spend together. We are here for you!



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