Our Aging Pets

Just as with humans, our pets’ routines shift as they age!  Sleeping, playing and eating habits are major areas of change for our pets as they get older. We all want to make sure the pet care our senior pets are receiving make them as comfortable as possible.

Sometimes our jobs keep us away from home for long periods of time.  Hiring a professional pet sitter/dog walker will assure that your senior fur baby will be well taken care of.  Love Pet Care will put your mind at ease.


Older Dogs’ and Cats’ Sleep Habits Change

Your pets’ sleep patterns will most likely change as they enter the “golden years”. Your fur baby may sleep a lot more than usual. We need to take heed of the rest time and still find ways to love and spoil them!

Senior dogs need more sleep because of the normal slowing down of processes as a result of aging. In some cases, age-related health problems may develop. Senior cats often hold on to their agility better than our pups, they too will slow down and not be as active.

How Much Sleep Do Older Dogs & Cats Need?

When your adult dog becomes a senior, around the age of seven, naps will get steadily longer. Some will tire more easily from exertion and need more time to replenish energy. It’s normal to see changes in the timing of naps and activity and play time. 

Older cats tend to be less active and playful and they may sleep more. There is also the tendency to gain or lose weight. Some have trouble climbing to their favorite places. Try and make sure they have accessible areas to feel comfortable!


Continue to Spoil Your Pets as They Get Older:

Upgrade their beds:  Generally your pups have had a lot of beds while cats just sleep mostly wherever they feel comfortable. You want to cushion their aging joints by using memory foam or thick fleece.  You can repurpose their old beds with extra blankets by putting them in their nap spots throughout the house.

Changing their diet:  This is something that is done from puppy/kitty to adult pet. Senior categorized food is formulated to address the specific needs of your elder dog/cat.  Metabolism slows with age with can cause obesity if their intake isn’t adjusted. Overweight pets are at risk for joint pain, heart disease or diabetes.  

Always have fresh water available:  Fluids are very important to keep their bodies working properly.

Continue to interact with them:  Play with the toys they still love. Take your pup on walks timed according to their needs and energy.  Give them extra comfort and nutritious snacks.  Some pets love messages – determine what pleases them and go from there!  Remember the love you receive is directly related to the love you give!

Always know that our professional pet care providers will give you peace of mind when it comes to your pet’s safety. Love Pet Care will “Treat Them As Our Own”!



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