Pet Boarding vs. A Professional Pet Sitter

Luxurious rooms with amenities, personal services and delicious meals …. doggie hotels, pet boarding and kennel facilities often market their establishments similarly to get to your emotions!  

Some believe that private rooms for our dogs complete with TVs (if this exists) at a pet hotel and companionship with other dogs and cats at a kennel will be a paradise for them. However, pets have different senses and behavior characteristics than humans. Most pets are creatures of habit.

Boarding and professional pet care providers do not compare! Boarding can actually harm your fur baby. It takes them out of a familiar, comfortable home and puts them into an unfamiliar environment. They don’t have time to get accustomed to their new surroundings before you leave. Hundreds of dogs have marked their territory in the boarding facility, making new dogs feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. 

As a pet parent, when your dog is left at a boarding facility, they may feel displaced, confused and lonely. Many dogs experience stress when their routine is changed. 

When dogs are anxious, they bark. The sound of so many dogs barking at once increases stress and anxiety. This can lead to unwarranted aggression, house training regression, and social hyper-arousal. When you return home, you may need to retrain them to address newly developed behaviors during the boarding experience. We promise to maintain your pet’s daily routine and safety!

Besides missing their pet parent, there are other negatives to boarding. In many facilities, the lack of exercise, different smells, and limited human contact can cause stress. There can also be physical problems. They pack so many pets into a small environment that ticks, fleas, as well as kennel cough and canine influenza strain can make your pet terribly ill. You will not have to worry, it is our policy to keep your pet safe!

Love Pet Care believes that all pets should be able to maintain their regular routine in their own home when their pet parents are away. Love Pet Care thinks that dogs should receive two or three walks a day while their owners are away. This helps keep them healthy, burns off excess energy, and they get one-on-one focused attention and loving care from Love Pet Care’s professional dog walkers and pet care providers. It is our promise that, “We Treat Them As Our Own”.

When you see “too good to be true” advertising for pet boarding, please keep our safety policy at in mind. We offer free pet safety information and terrific promotions for your dog, cat and most pet care needs. 



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