Pet Care Providers During COVID-19

We know this is a stressful and confusing time as concerns about Covid-19 affect our life. With many locals canceling travel plans and working remotely, Love Pet Care is also feeling the impact.

As an essential business, providing services to first responders, health care professionals, grocery workers, and the entire community of front line defenders, our doors remain open to serve you.  We are following the CDC guidelines for the safety of our professional pet care providers, customers and their fur babies. Our dog walkers have been provided with gloves and masks for all safety precautions that are required during daily/evening walks and we are even available on weekends.

While we know that many of you are exercising caution, we want to encourage you to try and maintain your pet’s normal routine as much as possible. Regular exercise is extremely important for dogs that experience dramatic changes to their daily life style, which can compound anxiety and stress for “your loving being™”. We know for those of you working from home, it is hard to try to explain to your new “pet co-worker” that you can’t play right now. To avoid an interruption to your workflow, like stopping to scold your pup for chewed up shoes, let Love Pet Care provide physical and mental stimulation when you’re hard at work. We will send you a text upon arrival so that you can harness and leash your fur baby to minimize contact through social distancing.

To summarize, pets are thought to be at an extremely low risk of catching COVID-19 from their dog walker or pet sitter. However, your dog walker or pet sitter will adhere to all safety precautions. Dogs will never be allowed to socialize with other humans or other dogs that we may come across on their walks.

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