The Day I Saved Benjamin’s Life

The Day I Saved Benjamin’s Life

My name is Leslie a pet care provider for Love Pet Care and the sweet boy that I am walking today is Benjamin. Our day was going as normal as it could be. lt was a bit humid that day but not terribly bad… we made our way to a nearby plaza where we usually just sit, relax and he would get some snacks. After a little while we headed home and Benjamin seemed totally fine. We went up the stairs and right when I took out the keys to open up the door to the apt Benjamin let out a few abnormal little coughs as if he couldn’t cough at all and then I looked down to see Benjamin’s back legs give out and him make a tiny crying noise and then collapse.

I couldn’t think… I dropped everything and started calling his name while picking him up and he wasn’t responding. I rushed inside and put him on the cool marbled coffee table and hoped that the colder temperature in the apt would make him feel better but as I was holding him, I noticed his gums go completely pale and his eyes rolled backwards. I knew that was bad, I was losing Benjamin and I instantly thought that I had to do something and try! to bring him back.

So, I set him flat on his back and pushed in his chest about three times and closed his mouth and started breathing out into his nose. I don’t know if l was doing it right, but my mom had told me that if ever needed to do CPR on a dog I had to breathe through their nose.

After doing it for like a minute or two Benjamin woke up And all I felt was relieved. His gums started turning back to normal and he was breathing, I called his owner right away and my manager and just waited for her to come home while I held Benjamin and made sure he was breathing okay.

Editor’s Note: Benjamin is alive and well today, thanks to our remarkable and caring professional, Leslie.