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With an excellent safety record and the highest standards that are required to be a professional pet care provider or dog walker for Love Pet Care, we guarantee you peace of mind. We conduct the most intense hiring process than the majority of our industry competitors. We require a lengthy face to face interview, only conducted by regional managers or even the owner. The applicant must provide two forms of picture ID and pass a rigid background check. Trust means everything to us!


Dog Walking & Pet Sitting


Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Our Pet Sitting Services


Love Pet Care’s all-inclusive pet sitting services are something that can be hard to find. No matter how big, or small, your pet is, we can help you care for them whenever you’re away. Our pet sitting services include cat sitting, bird sitting, reptile sitting, pocket-pet and even fish sitting. We love and care for them all because we love what we do!

When you work with our team of professional pet sitters, we’ll sit down and put together a personalized plan that works best for you and your pet. The plan will cover how many days you’re away, how much time your pet needs with the sitter, how many meals per day, daily walks if necessary and any other specific needs your pet may have.

Our sittings are designed to give you and your pet the best experience possible. We consider ourselves co-parents, so we’ll keep you updated with daily reports and photos of your pet throughout the sitting if you wish.

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Your dog is our baby too. So yes, we’re very protective. We practice up-to-date dog walking safety techniques and we take all the necessary precautions to keep your dog safe. We’re prepared for any situation while walking your dog. We approach any walk with your dog as if it were one of our own. This is why keeping your dog happy and out of harm’s way is our number one priority.

Know what your dog is doing even though you are not physically there! Love Pet Care can instantly update you with useful info regarding your furry friend. You will receive an email at the beginning of the walk. At the end of the walk you will receive an email regarding the route we took and your walker can provide more details (like using the potty) or even photos once the walk is complete. Your fur baby will virtually be one click away.

Maybe you can’t always be there to walk your dog. Our trained dog walkers have more than 15 years of experience walking dogs. Our professional dog walkers are upbeat and disciplined. Our energy is infectious and gets a great response from our four-legged friends. With Love Pet Care, your dog doesn’t just get walked- they go on an adventure with a professional dog walker they love and respect.

Our dog walkers come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common – they love dogs. Our willingness to go the extra mile for your fur baby, sets Love Pet Care apart from the competition.

We take the responsibility of walking your dog very seriously, and will do whatever it takes to make sure they arrive home safe and happy. Our dog walkers appreciate you considering us to take care of your special little one. We come meet you and your pooch beforehand, to make sure everyone gets along! Send us an email or call today, to find out why people are raving about Love Pet Care dog walking. Be sure to check out our other services.

Why Choose Our Pet Care Service

Since the beginning of our company’s journey in 2002, we can promise you that we are not like other pet care providers where pets have been lost, abused or even worse, while being investigated by the news media. In fact, we are only one of a few companies where a Pet Care Provider had resuscitated a dog back to life!! You can find this news story on the front page of our website. We can assure you, that we’re not like the startups who have no experience or insurance looking for a quick buck. We guarantee that we are fully bonded and have the necessary liability insurance to ease your concerns. It is a fact that everything we do is wrapped around our company philosophy, of how pets are not animals and should be treated as “Special Loving Being’s”.

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