Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

If you often see your pup munching on grass, you may wonder why.  Find out what veterinarians have to say about this habit.

Probably most dog parents have seen their pup grazing on grass like a cow. You, of course, blame yourself for not providing proper nutrition or heaven forbid, your fur baby is ill!

Veterinarians get asked this question daily. Why would grass be more enticing than all the goodies we provide for our pups.

There are many reasons why veterinarians think your dog eats grass. Some simply enjoy grazing and finding the best blades to munch on. Other dogs just like the taste and do it instinctively, looking for roughage or fiber.

Grass eating seems to be exclusive to dogs as cats generally do not graze on grass.

Dogs May Eat Grass Because They’re Sick

Some dogs eat when they’re not feeling well. Once they eat grass and vomit, pet parents blame the grass for their vomiting and the grass made them ill.  But in all likelihood, they had an upset stomach and instinctively knew that the grass would induce vomiting and make them feel better. 

Eating grass speeds up the digestion process and helps to induce vomiting. It not only helps remove the cause of any gastrointestinal disease, but those long, thin blades also tickle a dog’s throat to help them vomit.  You always knew your pup was intelligent and this is their form of canine self-care!

Dogs May Eat Grass Due to Dietary Deficiencies

Despite providing your dog with a well-balanced diet, he may need more fiber and looks for roughage by munching on grass. If you think this might be the cause, try to add some vegetables like canned pumpkin or carrots to his meal and see if it cuts down on the grass eating.

Be Careful with Pesticides

You may want to try to discourage this behavior in areas where you don’t know if the grass has been treated with fertilizers or pesticides that can make your dog ill.

If your dog is a chronic grass grazer, you may want to talk it over with your veterinarian at your next visit. But if your dog is otherwise healthy and only exhibits this habit occasionally, it’s typically not anything to concern yourself with. 



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