Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys?

Many dogs love squeaky toys. Give your furry pal a rubber alligator that makes a grunting noise and he’ll happily chew and thrash it around for hours. The sound, the texture, and the chewiness all add up to a fun plaything that helps keep your dog physically and mentally active.

Dogs are hunting animals. Your pup is only doing what comes naturally. The high-pitched noise let out by a squeaky toy is likely to remind dogs of the sound of injured or frightened prey.  At one time, our dog’s ancestors had to hunt for their food.

It’s fun to chew on them.  Even if your dog isn’t out for the kill, he still may have a good time chomping down on a squeaker. Chewing on a durable material like vinyl or rubber can be useful for his dental health. It will strengthen his teeth and gums and may reduce plaque.

Playing with a squeaky toy may help your pet psychologically. Squeaky toys can help some dogs relieve boredom and stress. They also can keep him physically active, even indoors.

Your dog’s bond to you may get stronger.  If you play fetch with him and his squeaky toys, he may associate them with getting more attention from you which all dogs love.

As with anything you give your pup, you should supervise their playtime. A dog can often pull the toy apart, exposing the noise mechanism, which they could choke on. Once your dog starts destroying a toy, it’s time to make it disappear. Those little squeakers are easily swallowed and can become lodged in your dog’s stomach and intestines, possibly requiring your pup to need emergency surgery.

Many dogs love to chew on squeaky tennis balls, but the outside fabric is too abrasive and can quickly wear down a dog’s teeth.  Save the balls for playing fetch.



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